In this article, we will go over a few distinct differences between two very characteristic generations – generation y and baby boomers.

Before we start, the baby boomers generation is the older group. The individuals who belong to this group have been born in a period from 1946 to 1964, and the generation Y or the Millennials are most likely their children.
There have been many different opinions as to who belongs to this group, but the majority agrees that it’s the people were born between 1980 and 1996.

Without further defining the groups, if you are interested you can find a more detailed description online, we will start stating the differences.
(Since I belong to the Millennials, I will refer to this group as ”us” and the baby boomers group as ”them”)

1. They worked hard for everything where we felt entitled to everything

This is a huge difference. This post-war generation didn’t have anything to rely on. When they wanted something, they had to work for it. They developed a lot stronger work ethic, and they were a lot more self-dependant than we are today.

Our generation relies on others too much. We expect others to do our work for us, and we’ve been babied by our parents but also the system. Only those who go past this obstacle will make it in life so work hard for the things you want.

2. They are much more likely to do what they are told and accept the rules whereas we are more rebellious

Since their growing-up, they have trusted that the society knows best what’s good for them. They didn’t question authority, and they lead pretty straightforward lives. They finished schools, colleges, went on to work from 9 to 5 and earned their pensions. And they were fine with it.

Us, well, we usually have a hard time listening to authority. We dislike the idea of trusting blindly that others know best what’s good for us, and we don’t like where our paths lead us. Most of us dislike the idea of working from 9 to 5 and paying off college debt, so we are slowly becoming more and more creative in the way we cope with life.

3. We want more, always, they are fine with what they have

They experienced many hardships in life. They learned that the resources are limited and that poverty is just behind the corner. They went through thick and thin, and they know how to cherish what they have.
We, on the other hand, never experienced hard times. We were given all we ever wanted, and we learned to live the good life. This is the reason why we don’t appreciate the simple things anymore. We simply got used to the idea of having everything, and as soon as we get something, we want something else.

4. They were beaten, we were given timeouts

This is the reason why most older people know how to behave and keep in line. There is nothing like tough love. We learned that we wouldn’t get punished too severely for our actions, and that’s why we have trouble listening to anyone.

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