Evolutionary changes are inevitable, and we all know that things change over time. Since the dawn of humankind, people were adapting to the conditions in the outside world, and the process of change is still ongoing.

The wheels of evolution are unstoppable, and that is why we can only “sit back and relax”, i.e. we have to accept the fact that our generation is different from the ones that were here before us and that the ones that are coming after us will also be unique and different from ours. The characteristics and attributes of each of these generations will be affected by a lot of factors, a lot of events and important moments, and the same thing happened to our generation as well.

For example, we now live in a highly technological society, or at least that is the case for the significant portion of the global population. The introduction of personal computers was a breakthrough, and our lives are now affected by computers in numerous ways. We depend on them more than we like to admit, and the Internet revolution further increased our dependency on computers, laptops, and software products. Also, the Internet left a mark on our understanding of the world, and we sometimes feel like we are all living in a small village. The speed with which we can contact somebody on the other side of the globe is astonishing, and this connectivity is the foundation for the movement of globalization.

Globalization is another mark of our generation, and this idea affects our political, social, business, and emotional worlds. One universal nation, with one language and one mutual understanding of the importance of cooperation, is something that is the essence of globalization, and people from all over the world are reaping the benefits of this ideological platform. For example, you can now run your business in Africa from your Brentwood, California office, and vice versa, and all you need to have is a stable internet connection and a laptop.

Similarly, mobile devices are leaving a strong imprint on our generation, and it seems that the Smartphone revolution is the next phase in our development. It is evident that this phase is already under way and that people are using smartphones and tablets in their daily operations, which means that we now have connectivity partnered with mobility. The need to be in touch with friends or to be informed about events is so strong in today’s minds that we are willing to spend many hours staring at the screens and scrolling through our newsfeeds. Social networks are also making a mark on our generation, and the popularity of social media is going stronger by the day. Even though some people claimed that computers make us anti-social, it seems that access to the Internet and a profile on Facebook is all you need in today’s world to get in touch with people and start socializing.

From the comforts of your sofa, your friends can hear about you, and you can learn a lot about them, and factors such as distance or weather are now losing their importance and relevance.

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